Bad News... Good News... and a HUGE giveaway

BAD NEWS: :( We had to put our dog down today because he was dying of cancer. He was 14 years old May 22nd. He lived the best life with our family and was the most special dog. Everyone who came in contact with him loved our precious Billy, a beautiful, gentle, chocolate lab. Lots of tears have been shed but we didn't want him to suffer anymore and soon he would not be able to walk. Tipper, our little Yorkie Jack seems a little lost. He had only known life with his best friend Billy Boy. We can only be thankful that we were able to have enjoyed life with one of man's best friends.

Now on to the good news.:) I have finished 11 more fonts and now have 32 in my font collection.

You can buy a license and the download all 36 for $20.00. This will also get you all the new fonts that will be added to the collection. I will send an email every time more are uploaded so you will know exactly when that happens. I will be selling all my fonts in one complete collection rather than tons of sets.  This license allows you to use all the fonts without having to give recognition in your TPT or TN products. This license will be on sale from Monday, June 10th through Thursday, June 13th for 20 percent off, if you want to take advantage of it.  Don't forget to comment on my June Currently post for your choice of a set of borders from my store I will draw a winner tomorrow. 
And the BEST GOOD NEWS is a huge give away from Teaching Through Turbulence  for her 1 year blog anniversary. You can win a huge pack of Primary goodies. You can also go to earlier days and sign up for her other prizes like clip art and videos. I am giving away a choice of product from my store in the primary pack and a choice of clipart/borders in the clip art day giveaway.  Hurry and sign up quickly because the winner will be drawn on Wednesday June 12th!:)


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  2. So sorry to hear about your Billy. You'll have to give Jack lots of extra lovin' to comfort you both. :<



  3. Sorry about your dog - that is a hard one, because they do become part of your family.
    Thanks for the heads-up on the giveaways.


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