Tellagami Ideas

I love finding new free apps to use in the classroom to help with student's learning. I found this awesome app called Tellagami.

Tellagami has customizable male and female characters, backgrounds can be any photo in your photo library or there are also some in the app choices.  I am thinking of tons of possibilities of ways to use it in the classroom and listed a few ideas below. Videos can be saved on the camera roll or shared on Twitter, Facebook, Email or Text.

Social Studies-background of famous places around the world-character tells the facts about the place
Science-background of Science Experiment picture done in class-character tells about the experiment and what they learned from it
Reading-background of Book Cover-character tell what happens in the book, or gives a book review
Writing-background is the setting of the story-character tells story- even make different Telegamis and string them together in imovie to have a longer story video
Math-background is a math problem or math vocabulary word-character describes steps to solve problem or meaning of word

Watch the short video sample I made using a photo background of a Clock Tower in our town.

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  1. Great ideas - I will definitely try some of these with my second graders! Thanks for sharing!


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