Bloggers Meet Up in Indiana

I took a month off blogging to go on a mission trip to Haiti, spend time getting things organized at home, and take a break from school type things. Now I am back and revived after a great Blogger Meet Up yesterday!
The Indiana Bloggers had a Meet Up yesterday in Indianapolis. So sorry if you are an Indiana Blogger and missed out. You definitely will have to sign up for next time! It was such and incredible time of meeting, sharing, and learning so many cool things! Teachers are never at a loss for words and you would have thought we all had known each other all our lives.

A very special thanks to Heather at Teaching Through Turbulence and Cierra at Adventures in Room 129 for all the organization of the meet up! All your hard work paid off and it was definitely SOOOO worth it.

Also thanks to Cierra at Adventures in Room 129 for the cute little frames with the quote inside which were on each table spot when we arrived. "It takes a BIG heart to help shape Little minds." She got an idea on Pinterest and is sharing a link if you want to download the quote too. I don't know how she had time to make all these cute projects with 2 sweet little baby twins. They sure are cute!

The gift I brought was stolen a couple of times. Brenda at Primary Inspired ended up with the gift I brought. It included 2 favorite things from my TPT store: Monarch Butterfly Fact find and Sonoran Desert Fact and Research. Check out her blog to see a picture. I got a sweet gift of teacher supplies like pens, pencils, post-its, fancy paper clips, etc.  The mini magnetic erasers are adorable and I may have to check the dollar store for some more.

I am in the green shirt, between Nicole from All things Apple in 2nd and Hilary from Second Grade is Out of this World. What are the chances that I would be between 2 other 2nd grade teachers!:) I can't wait to connect our classes together with Skype this next school year.

Check out Mary Beth at Run Teacher Run she has the best group picture with all names and blog names at the bottom. Very helpful for me because I love putting a face with a name and blog name.

I have been spending time today following all the blogs of the friends I made. There links are below if you want to follow them too.


  1. Hi! Bravo for you for going to Haiti. I'm sure that was quite a trip and that your being there was a great help to them.
    I love your Monarch unit. We always study them in the fall. I like to find them on the milkweed plants and bring them into the classroom for the kids to watch. I am glad you enjoyed your meet up. We did one in Michigan at the end of June. It's very fun to put a face to a name or a person you have chatted with many times. I live in southwestern Michigan just 2 miles north of the Indiana border. . . so I'm almost an Indiana blogger!!
    Second In Line

  2. Yes, I did end up with your great gift pack! Congrats to whomever DOES win it, because it is terrific! It was so great to meet you in person yesterday!

    Primary Inspired

  3. You make the BEST products! I am one of your biggest fans!!!

  4. Hey! I wanted to let you know that I got those mini erasers and many of the other things in your little gift from the dollar spot at my Target. Check there for more! I love those mini ones!

  5. I was so excited to meet everyone as well! I learned so much from you Ms. Techie! If I ever figure out Skype I would love to Skype with your class!
    Second Grade is Out of This World!

  6. That is really neat that all of you met up. I bet you had a great time!
    Teaching Little Miracles

  7. Love your blog and all of your TpT items! :)


  8. Congrats to Heather S. and Mrs. Davies. Your numbers were picked to get the Monarch Butterfly Fact Find and Sonoran Desert Research Pack!

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