Fun Free Apps for the One ipad classroom to the 1:1 classroom

I got the privilege of attending a short 1:1 ipad session on Tuesday. Of course I was gone all day yesterday and didn't have time to blog about it. They shared tips for setting up rules, taking care of ipads, organization, etc. I will share more of these once we actually get our ipads in a few weeks. They also shared some fun free and paid apps but most of all it was a fun time to get together with teachers. Since it was only a 1/2 day we got to eat out together afterward and just talk about NOT school related stuff!!

The BEST TRAINING TIP was using an alarm on the teacher ipad for students that travel out of your room. Since I have kids going out to Resource, Title One, and Speech, etc. at all different times of the day I think this will really help me. I am constantly forgetting to send them. They train the students when they hear the sound they know they are suppose to travel out of the room. 

I know lots of schools are going 1:1 but there are still some classrooms with only one ipad. The following apps can be used in both types of classrooms.

Bluster is a fun 1 or 2 player game. There are in app purchases but lots of free ones too. 2 of the presenters played it in front of us on apple tv and it was fun to watch. I can see kids very engaged. It might be for upper 2nd graders on up because the words are a little more challenging than some apps.

 I also got to share some apps that I found and am excited to use with the presenters. They were excited to learn about these too.

Questimate is an awesome FREE app that is great for estimating and predicting. Would be AWESOME for math or just challenging your high students. It can be played SOLO or MULTIplayer so it would be great for one ipad classrooms. My son who will be a freshman in high school and I were playing it the other night on my ipad and he was so excited about it. I can't wait to use it in my classroom. I think it can be used for kids of all ages as long as you can read the question. I love that more students can play together. Each player takes turns making a question with choices given in the app. Everyone answers the question by making a prediction and then everyone's answer shows up with the actual answer. Points are given or lives are lost. Just click the link page for more information or just go download it and start to Questimate!

Doodle Hangman Free it has a bank of words for one or multiplayer mode but if you pick 2 player mode you can each enter your own words. Use your spelling list or sight words list and have students play against each other to practice.

Hope you take time to check out these apps I think you will really like them too!


  1. Love the tip for the alarm! I have only 1 Ipad in my 2nd grade classroom, so I'm always looking for ways to use it with the ENTIRE class. :)


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