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I got an email from Skype in the Classroom and they are doing a month long celebration of Exploring Oceans in the month of October. Since I am a scuba diver I wanted to sign right up. They aren't having sign ups yet, but you can get signed up for Skype in the Classroom so you will be first to know about it. Fabien Cousteau, grandson of famous explorer Jacques-Cousteau, will be leading an underwater mission spending 6-9 hours each day exploring the ocean.  They will even be skyping with schools from underwater (SO COOL) and they will have lessons made up on the following topics to take advantage of.
  • Marine ecosystem and biodiversity
  • Conservation and marine management
  • Ocean resources
  • Climate change
  • Ecotourism
  • Human ocean connection
This is a once in a lifetime opportunity! You can read more about it here

While I was confirming I wanted to learn more about the underwater project when it becomes available I found many more projects to sign up for like International Dot Day 2013 with Skype.  You can also sign up for the Dot Club and collaborate with others while sharing the book The Dot by Peter Reynolds with your classroom. I've seen many other teachers participate in this other years and this year our classroom will join in and hopefully connect with some other classes.

I also signed up for a Let's Talk Sea Turtles Skype. In this lesson you learn all about Sea Turtles. One of my favorite underwater animals.  I am so excited to bring these cool lessons to my class and I am sure they will love it too.

So have I convinced you to sign up for Skype in the Classroom?  Head on over and log in with the class account you already have and connect it with Skype in the Classroom or create a new account if you don't have one. Then you can start looking for some fun projects for your students to participate in this next school year.  You can even create your own project. Maybe by the time the school year is over I will have a good project to add to Skype in the Classroom. Please share any experiences you have had to the rest of us newbies so that we can take advantage of the best ones!!

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