Sunday Smorgasbord

 A little of this and that... My busiest week of the summer so far!
I'm linking up with Fab-U-lous in First since I've had a truly random week of activity.

Monday I took my daughter to a Cross Country Camp that was 5 and 1/2 hours from my house. What a long day of driving!:( We stopped at Pizza King on the way for lunch and ate some yummy pizza.

Tuesday I rested up from the exhausting drive on Monday and then went to a school board meeting that evening where a team of students and teachers were given the "Examples of Excellence Award" from our Superintendent for the Haiti Trip, which was to take water purifiers to help the Haitians have clean water. Love the chairs that I brought back from Haiti to use in my classroom. Can't wait for the students to see them.

Wednesday I had meetings all day so my son helped my mom clean out an old milk house of my dad's.  They found lots of cool old treasures: feed sacks, metal signs, license plates, oil cans, glass gallon jars, and much more. The big hit was the pair of old dirty sunglasses that became a photo shoot for him and my mom's dog.

Thursday was the Indiana blogger meet up and you can read more about it in my post from Friday.

Friday more meetings and my friend gave me a Hydrangea from her beautiful flower bush. My daughter made lots of friends at her camp and was messaging me lots of picts.

 Saturday I picked up my daughter at Cross Country Camp and we stopped at the Lincoln National Boyhood Museum and Marengo Cave National Landmark while on the way home. I highly recommend both of them. My son was in a little bike accident in our driveway while we were gone and I had to take him to the ER to get 3 stitches when I got home. I am so glad it wasn't worse. 

 I am a little obsessive about Diptic App collages right now, if you didn't notice. I also like the app Beautiful mess with fonts, words, borders, and doodles.  I used both apps to make all my picts from the week on my iphone.
So that wraps up my week of BUSY!


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  2. Looks like you had a very busy week! And how fun- An Indiana Blogger Meet Up!!! If only there were more teacher bloggers that lived near me.

    Lovely Literacy and More


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