Dot Day Celebration Using lots of Apps

What a wonderful Dot Day Celebration Day our classroom had on Monday, September 15th. The students wore dotted clothing to school. 

We started the day decorating blank frames downloaded from the Fable Vision Website. We used these later in the day to make fact families with dots. (counters and assorted milk jug lids)

After reading the book The Dot aloud to my students they retold the story by writing a beginning, middle, and end sentence in their own words. They used these sentence to bring their own digital dot to life that they created using a free app called Drawing Carl Lite. We used the free app iFun Face to record our voices and make our dots mouths and faces move. This app has lots more fun ways you can use it. Then I put a video collage together below with the app PicPlayPost. This app cost $1.99 now and I'm sure I got it for free so you could watch for it to go free again sometime.

We also had 2 girl Monarch butterflies hatch. The students picked the names Marana and Daisy. This was a highlight because their polka dotted wings. We got to spend time holding them and taking a closer look. One even landed on our Dot Book.

Here are some video collages of our animated dots retelling the story in our own words.

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  1. Thank you for sharing your #dotday post on twitter. I found it with the hashtag and adore all of your app ideas. I hope it is okay that I added it to Stanley & Katrina's dotday linky at

    Thanks again for sharing. Have a wonderful week ahead!


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