Using Online projects to Connect Your Class

We had a tons of fun while participating in Jen's oreo project.

 It was many years ago that my class participated in their first online project by the Holiday Card exchange. After getting our first card in the mail and visiting that teacher's classroom website that was included with their card I was amazed with all they were doing in their classroom to connect with the world around them. I realized how much more I needed to learn and grow as a teacher in this area. I wanted to connect my classroom with others around the world in different ways. I then started participating in tons more online projects, along with Jen's, and connecting my classroom with classes outside using skype, edmodo, voice thread, and much more. Participating in my first online helped me grow as a teacher! I've learned tons more by joining a Twitter PLN, reading blogs from other great educators, and participating in many more of these fun online projects. I was reading some blog posts this morning and came across this post from one of the Scholastic Top Teaching Blogs called the Pumpkin Project using math and science, by Alycia Zimmerman, using the book How many Seeds in a Pumpkin

We will be combining activities and ideas  from Alycia's post with the Pumpkin Seed project by Jen. Can't wait to connect with some classes using Skype while sharing in this pumpkin project fun!! 

Our classroom is participating in another online project right now called Primary Blogging Community. We comment on each others class blogs and then in a few weeks we will leave comments on the students blogs. We are making friends with and learning about classrooms from other states and countries. I can't wait to blog more about this project soon. 

I encourage you to participate in some online projects and expand your learning outside your classroom walls. Connecting with others makes learning so much fun!!

Oreo Day Stacking

Oreo Day Science and Graphing Fun

Oreo Sculpting

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  1. The card exchange was my first classroom project too! It was awesome! I can't wait to do another.

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