App smashing using Green Screen Do Ink and Puppet Pals

We had fun App smashing using Green Screen Do Ink and Puppet Pals to make a video to submit to the Drew Bree's Super Service Challenge.

Our school has been participating in a clean water project the past 3 years that was created and developed by our high school students and teachers. The project name is Dots in Blue Water. I was able to travel on the school's team to Haiti with the high school this past summer and help with the project. It was a life changing experience. We were able to install a large purifier at the mission. We also distributed 75 bucket purifiers to families which included church members that lived 5 miles in the mountains, Haitian teachers, and some workers at the mission. We were blessed by giving one of life's essential needs... Clean Water!
Green Screen Do Ink

When using the Green Screen Do Ink app you first load your video clip or photo into the app, then have your subject stand in front of the Green Screen and you can film your subject. You can see exactly what the footage will look like as you film.  The app also works with the front facing camera so you can film yourself easily on a green screen and see the background as you film.

Puppet Pals HD

The Puppet Pals all access pass is wonderful for creating videos of all kinds. It is definitely worth the money. Students created some background videos with the app Puppet Pals that we put in the Green Screen Do Ink app. (I also used some video footage and pictures that I had taken on the Haiti trip for some of our backgrounds in the Greeen Screen Do Ink app.) Students then stood in front of our class green screen (a green screen sheet I bought for $19.99). We then imported the clips from our ipad into our computer and put them together using iMovie.

This is the video our class created using Green Screen Do Ink and Puppet Pals.  Students were very motivated by the project. The poem that ended the video was written by one of my students. He was so excited to be able to read the poem in the video. I was very impressed with his writing.

We also had some fun using puppet pals app to create a singing Christmas card for Jen Wagner's Holiday Card Exchange Project 2013.

Hope you can have some fun and get creative with these cool apps!  
Wishing you a Happy New Year!

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