Love Apps Gone Free- A Must have Free App

I have been able to get some great free apps lately with apps gone free. If you don't have this app it is a must have and you must be willing to check it daily. If you follow me on Twitter I try to tweet out free apps that look useful in the classroom every time I see them.

This app is still free for a while since they are working on some updates. It is a great app to just type on the iPad and save your work in folders. Since we don't have any word processing apps on our iPad this was a must have. Nothing fancy just a plain old writing app for just plain old writing.

This went free this weekend for 24 hours. It's like the internet website Wordle which is free if you have access to computers. Since we are 1:1 iPads we share a computer lab and visit it once a week because lots of classrooms are using it. I love finding these goodies to load on our iPads for free. This is great for poetry which you can print out as gifts. Here's a sample with some Things I Love.

Decide Now!
This was also free recently. There is a lite version that you may want to check out for free. This app has a variety of pre made ideas to chose from. In the classroom I will add a reading wheel with questions like- favorite part, favorite character, problem in story, etc. I could also enter students names and spin the wheel to see who gets picked. I was thinking of adding some brain break choices and have a spin off for that also. The ideas are endless. I even used it to pick my winners for my font set. Congrats Rachel, Lori and Hilary! You should have be getting an email with the link to the free download.

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