Ideas for Using Recording Apps in the Classroom

My students enjoy using recording apps like Chatterpix Kids, Tellagami, and iFunFace for mini research projects. During science and writing time students researched animals and planets. These were topics we were studying in our Reading Series at the time and then we just carried it over into our writing and science time for that week.

Students read books from our class library and websites to get information about their topic. They wrote the facts they found on plain writing paper and then showed me their facts when they were ready to record. I let them surf the web for a photo that would go with their project and then they recorded. (They can only record for 30 seconds on Tellagami and Chatterpix Kids, but iFunFace will let them record for a longer period of time.) If they had more facts written down than the app would allow them to record I told them to just pick their favorite facts to share.

Students were truly engaged because the animal or planet is one they chose to find out more about. They also chose the app on which they recorded their information. If students finished early they just picked another animal or planet to research while others were still working on their first one. Many students asked if they could do more research during Daily 5 writing time. I remember looking up from the group that I had at my table to see some of my students just reading and writing away so they could record a mini research project. It gave me a big smile on the inside seeing the total engagement in their learning. iFunFace app-talking photos My students have enjoyed using ifunface app to chose any photo to record upon. I first taught the students how to use the app in small groups. I met with groups of about 5 students and we recorded an ifunface together. Then I had them try one on their own. Students usually pick up on how it works very quickly. Those who need help while I am working with a group are sent to the "tech experts" in the class. These students have used the app more than others and really understand how it works.
 Tellagami app is another favorite in my classroom. Some students used Tellagami to record their research. We always share our finished projects in class using airplay where we play the project from the student's ipad for the class to see. This is a very exciting thing for students. Not all students want to share their projects on their blogs but they all want to share with the class.

 ChatterPix Kids app  I found out about this app a little before Christmas. Our Second Graders have the privilege  to attend the Nutcracker ballet for a field trip. We made Nutcrackers with construction paper and took photos of the Nutcracker face and put them into this app. I let the students chose to do a retelling of the story or something they liked about the Nutcracker ballet. This app is very easy to use. So I taught the kids to use it as a whole class demonstration.

I hope this post give you some ideas so you can try out these freerecording apps with your students. I would love to hear more ideas of how you are using them in your classroom. Please share in the comments below.

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