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Well after being snowed out of school for 4 days I am beginning to think going back to school sounds pretty good right now. I am pretty sure there is no reason we won't be heading back tomorrow. (Fingers Crossed) My son and I have been busy making reverse films and having tons of fun.  Check out our creations!

Have you tried Quizlet in your classroom?  If you have not tired it I would highly recommend checking it out. It has some really nice features and is very easy to use. My students love using it to practice our weekly vocabulary words. While I am not the biggest fan of a Basal Series we do have a test on our vocabulary words each Friday and Quizlet a great way to prepare my students for this test. They can practice during Daily 5 word work time, class time, and I also have them practice Friday morning before we take our test.

We use the basal series Wonders and I created a set for every story so far in our series. (I paid $25.00 so I could upload the same pictures that go with the vocabulary words included in the series. I have not used any other features of the paid version so far.) Below is what the webpage looks like for the story we will be doing next week. The blue dot circles are 6 activities the students can do with the vocabulary I have entered. I have my students listen to all the flashcards on the website first. It will read them the word and the definition. Next they can chose any of the activities they want to do. The activities are great and my students love them. There are timed activities which my boys immediately turned into a competition with each other trying to beat each others time.  I like the A+ test because it mixed multiple choice, true-false, matching and type the word that goes with the definition they post. (On the right side of the screen you can set options for the types of questions you want to have your students take.) I make my students retake it until they can get an A or B. Each time they retake it it mixes a new test for them.

If you type amsgoodwin in the search box at the main screen you can have access to all the sets I have created. There are tons of math fact flashcards, and a variety of other cards that other teachers have created that you can use for free.  You can search by type once you are logged into your account.
There is also also a quizlet app but it does not have as many options for activities as the website although they are working on adding more to the app.  I create a QR code for my kids to scan to get to the website and they practice from the website right on their ipads and it works wonderfully.

Quizlet is very easy to set up an account and make your own flash cards. You can create any type set of flashcards you want for free and it also has a bank of photos that you can use on your cards if you don't want to use the paid version or you can make your cards without photos. 

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  1. Thanks for blogging about the giveaway! I actually have not heard for Quizlet, so I'm off to check it out! I love anything that makes life easier! :)

    Second Grade Math Maniac


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