Learning about your Heart

It's Valentine's week! Are your ready? I am not sure if I am with all the delay and snow days we have been having lately. We decorated Valentine bags today. Nothing fancy just paper lunch sacks but the kids had fun doing it. We just used scissors, glue, heart punches and colored paper. It was short and sweet which is what we needed because we have a jam packed week ahead and we had a 2 hour delay again this morning.

I love studying a little about the real heart during Valentine's week. Here are a few things we are doing in class this week.

The Brainpop  Free Movie of the Week is on the heart. 

There is the coolest free app called Heart Cam.  It uses Augmented Reality. You cut out the picture from the link the app give you on the app store. You can tape it to your shirt and then when you scan it a real heart appears which looks like it is coming out of your own chest. It also beats!!  It is pretty cool and I can't wait to share it with my students. They are going to love it.

 Here is a a photo of me using the app. The app is much better in real life than the photo I promise!!:). You just have to try it.

Last I have a freebie with some heart facts and a fun little heart beat activity where you count your heart beats for a minute and then run in place for a minute and then count them again. My students enjoy this activity every year.  Hope I've shared some new ideas for you to use this week.  

Last but not least: need some foldable Valentines for your class. I print these for my students so they can make them for friends or family. You can get them free in my TPT store.

Spread the love!!

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