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My Spring Break will be officially over today. I was very busy this past week spending time with my family. I finished Divergent, watched Need for Speed, took my daughter Prom Dress Shopping and picked out a beautiful dress (can't wait to share with you in a few weeks), and took my son to take his driver's test and he now officially has a learner's permit. AHHHH!!, I now have two teenage driver's in the house. I did lots of relaxing and am feeling really refreshed to head back to school tomorrow. In honor of my last day of Spring Break I joined with other Indiana Teacher friends to have a $1.00 sale.
                     Check out all these fun items for $1.00 for one day only.

Math thinking cards is one of the first products I created. These cards are great for thinking aloud. I read them to my whole class or small groups and students have to think and do math in their heads to figure out two and three step math problems. Example:  Start with the number 3, add the number of legs on a table, subtract 2 and what do you get? It even comes with an answer key. You can make them into cards at a center or just print them as whole sheets and use them as a filler for those few minutes when you don't have time to start something new. The students love these.

A Day at the Beach is filled with fun reading, writing, poetry, snack, and math activities for any time of the year. I always love doing these at the end of the year with my students to get them excited for summer.

I have also selected one of my newer border sets Doodle Edged Black and White Borders
33 black borders (300 dpi) filled with white which have transparent edges for easy layering. Great for making covers for all your teacher pay teacher products or you could use as backgrounds for worksheet type files too.

My newest teacher pay teacher product is Spring Time which we are all ready for here in Indiana. There are some quick checks for telling time with 10 questions to see what your students know or you can use them for assessing students after you have taught telling time to them. It also includes time problems to solve and then roam the room to find the correct time cards to help solve some time riddles. You do need some type of digital device to scan QR codes for this one.  It is a great addition to any math unit on Telling Time. My students loved this!

Click on any of the links below to see what other goodies Indiana Teachers have for sale.  Happy Shopping!

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