Skype to Australia

We had the pleasure of Skyping with a Epsom Primary School in Australia last Friday. Asher a fifth grade student was the host of our call and she did an excellent job. They asked us a few questions about our school and we also asked them some things about their school. Asher was so excited to tell us all about many things happening in her school and sing to us a Chinese Song. They learn Chinese at their school and will be sending some of their students to China.

The thing our class liked most about our Skype call was learning that they used to have Gold in a creek by their school in the 1800's. That is how many people originally settled in the area near their school. We learned they have Sharks in the Great Barrier Reef and lots of other interesting animals like snakes, kangaroos, koala, etc. Thanks you Asher for teaching us more about Australia and your school.

During the 20 minute call we could hear and see them fine but our video never did work for them to see us. I made a little video of a few minutes from the call so they could actually see what the students in our class look like. We are looking forward to doing another Skype call after Spring Break with a class from Michigan. If you have not connected your class with another class via Skype I would highly recommend it.

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