How to Make Cheap and Beautiful Mother's Day Flowers and a Card Freebie

Well Mother's Day is just around the corner and students have been making these wonderful flowers for their mothers for the  last nine years in my classroom.  It's easy, inexpensive, kids love to paint, and they feel so proud of the finished product to take home. I found the original idea in a Family Fun magazine many years ago and tweaked it a little to make it easy for 2nd graders to do. I have them make 2 flowers for their mother and then an Acrostic Poem to go with it. Click here to get the freebie acrostic poem card.     

If you have ipads you could also use this free Acrostic Poem app and have them print out paper and for their mother. I like to do the old fashion hand written ones because I think it is nice as a mother to look back on my child's handwriting and I hope the mothers of my students feel the same way.

Hope you all enjoy lots of fun Mother's Day projects this week. Feel free to comment and share what you are doing in your classroom!

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