Kindergarten Teachers check out this Letter Buddies Book

Have you see the Letter Buddies Book Class Sets from Hameray? They are great set of books and  big books which help students learn alphabet letters and sounds. Keep reading to see how you can enter to win a set for your classroom.

I was sent a set of the Letter Buddies Best Friends books to review.  There are 22 books in the set and they include practice reading with common 2 letter blends words. (R Blends pr, fr, tr, br, str, gr, dr, cr; L Blends cl, sl, fl, pl, bl, gl; S Blends sk, sm, sw, sc, sn, st, sp; and tw.) This set will build upon previous sets in the Letter Buddies series. Students first learn the sounds of the letters, then the blends of the letters, and then eventually will be able to read the blends in words and sentences in the Best Friends Set. The books contain real life photos with cartoon letter buddies on each page. I love that the stories contain common site words that pre k and kindergarten students need to learn. At the end of each story is a create your own story page. Students will write a sentence that uses the common site words practiced in the book and then add words with blend letters to create a short story.

I paired up my Second Grade students with kindergarten students to do some reading and writing together.  Each Second Grade Student used one of the books in the set and worked with a kindergarten student. They first did a picture walk, then read the book to the kindergarten student. Then they had the kindergarten students read the book to them. They also had them read the words and pictures on the back page of the book. 

They are nice simple steps to follow to help students incorporate writing after reading the book. My second grade students wrote sentences and had the kindergarteners write the missing words and draw pictures. They had a great time working together. I hope you get a chance to check out more in this set on the Hameray Website. Links are below.

Please feel free to spread the word and check out the Facebook and pinterest pages for other ideas for your classroom.

I did not receive any compensation for this post. I did receive a set of Letter Buddies Best Friends books to keep at my school.

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