Must have apps to create digital books

After a year of 1:1 iPads under my belt I am so excited to begin this next year with some great apps that I've collected over the year. These are must have apps to create any digital book.

Drawing Carl App
This is my absolute favorite drawing app. It offers such variety and choice with ease of use for students. The photos above were all drawn by second grade students, both boys and girls. They weren't given any special lessons in the app just shown the different options and they came up with the rest. I was so impressed with their drawings and what they came up with to use in many different digital books they created. I love how they figured out so many things about the app by helping each other and working together. If you use the free version it doesn't save to the camera roll so you just take a picture of your screen and then you can use that in your book.

Background Eraser  Pro
This app is great if students need to erase a little edge or make the background of their drawing transparent so they can put it on top of another background. It takes a little practice but students learn quickly and get pretty good at it.

Book Creator 
This is the best, easy to use book creator app that I have found for kids. I am so excited that we were able to purchase this app for our 5 classes of 2nd grade for next year. We did not have the purchased version last year and students used it all year long.  The only downside is they can only make one book at a time and then they have to save it to ibooks and delete the original one so they can work on another book. If students want to work on more than one book at once they will need the paid app.

All these apps have free versions too. I was lucky to get the paid versions of Drawing Carl and Background Eraser last year for free because of watching the app, Apps Gone Free. I check this app everyday to make sure I am not missing any great apps for my classroom. If you are careful to watch it you may be able to get them free too.

Two of my students created the following book with the Book Creator and Drawing Carl apps. I videoed it on my iPad in ibooks. The title of the book is Knuffle Bunny 4. If you haven't read the Knuffle Bunny Books by Mo Willems you must check them out. My students always love these book and the 3 books inspired them to write a 4th version. 
Many more books were created by my students using the apps Book Creator, Drawing Carl, and Background Eraser. We had such fun sharing these books with each other using Apple TV. 

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