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I am super excited to share with you my newest addition to my Class Dojo Set and I can't wait until school starts to add it to my classroom behavior management system. I am also working on some super cute borders which I will be posting soon. Please be sure to stop back later this week for your chance to win some of the sets!:)

Class Dojo as a Behavioral Management system:

In the past I have used the stop light system for behavior management which you can read all about on my post.  The second half of the year I always did a ticket system to give kids a fresh start and something a little different to motivate them. Students could earn tickets to spend at a ticket store which included candy, stickers, small toys left over from when my own kids were little, small toys brought in by students, leftovers from class parties, etc. I still did the ticket store last year but it was now the Class Dojo point store.

I had dabbled with Class Dojo the year before last a little bit at the end of the year. Last school year teachers in our district were all given an iPad to use in our classrooms so I thought it would be easy to implement the Class Dojo system. I created and started the year with the booklets I made here.
You can see the screen shots from different positives and negatives I set up on my Class Dojo account. These are how my students earn and lose points.

Why Class Dojo for classroom management? I love that parents can view their child's behavior everyday. There is a record of all behavior good and bad if needed for reporting for a parent conference or phone call. Students love using Class Dojo. It is easy for me to tap a student and give or take away a point.

Challenges: The main challenge I found with using it is I didn't always have my iPad with me every second of the day. If I didn't have my iPad or computer I would have students write their name on the board with a plus or minus and then put in or take away points as soon as I had a chance.

Successes: Students and parents loved using it. It worked so much easier than giving tickets. No tickets were lost or stolen. I loved being able to monitor behavior in the hall with my iPad. Class Dojo seemed to save me time writing out notes to parents.

How my system worked: The first half of the year I used the booklets on my TPT link. I made each child a booklet. Every Friday students were allowed to cash in or spend their points by choosing something from their booklet. (This took about 15 minutes). If students had any extra points they were put into a saving account. (just a spreadsheet on paper) If they wanted to save their points up for a bigger prize I would just write their points down on the paper. Every Friday I reset all the students bubbles to zero. On Friday's Cash In Day I would sit at a table with the possible prizes from the booklet and call students back in small groups while the rest of the class practiced a skill at their seats. When students earned a prize they stamped it with one of my stamps and then they knew they had used that prize and next time they needed to pick another one. Once their booklets were getting pretty filled up I let them start doing prizes over.  There were some prizes they weren't allowed to do again so you can always have that as an option.

Some prizes that didn't work well for me- laminate something special. It took much more of my teacher time than I had planned for it to take. I also removed the eat in the classroom, because I really need to have my lunchtime with adults and maybe I will have another way they can earn lunch in the room as a class.

Another one that was difficult was the change the avitar because I only have one computer and class dojo didn't have a way for students to change it except online. The second half of the year Class Dojo did make a student app. We tried it out in class and it worked really well so I am still planning on keeping this prize option as it was one of my student's favorite.

Class Dojo Student app Students can change their own avitar

Students favorite prizes were change avitar, go without shoes, go to special class early and tell teacher we were coming, 10 minutes of free iPad time, and pick 2 lunch buddies. None of these prize favorites cost me any money!!:)

The second half of the year we did the Class Dojo points store. Their points bought prizes, they could also put points in savings or spend all their points or spend some points and save the rest. This store took about 1/2 hour and I only did it every other Friday. Kids loved it and it worked well with the Dojo Points. Just like the booklets I reset bubbles but this was only every other Friday.

Now for the exciting addition to my set. I made 45 trading cards with all the cute free clip art from Class Dojo. You can print them and have your students collect and trade. I am thinking I may give the cards out randomly and also for high percentages of behavior on Class Dojo. You may find other fun ways to use them.

There is also a page of 5 different bookmarks to print for your students.
I would love some feedback if you download. 

If you would like to create some of the cute trading cards on your own I have a great set that I used that has drop and drag templates with 5 different colors. 
You can download the free clip art click on Teachers Resources of Class Dojo Website and scroll down to Class Dojo Image Pack and download your cute critters.

I also used the half page templates in this set to create my Class Dojo prize booklets. You could use them to create your own prize book or other books.

Hope you like these Class Dojo FREEBIES.

Hope I've given you some new ways to use Class Dojo. I would love to hear how your are using it in your classroom.  


  1. I really love you post! I am so excited there is clipart we can use right from Class Dojo - I didn't know that! I also love your reward booklet! Thank you so much for providing me with more ways on how to use Class Dojo in my classroom :)

  2. Great post! I use Class DoJo but don't have a reward system tied to it. I like the booklet idea with so many privileges they can earn. I'm excited to try something similar next year. :)

  3. Thanks for this post! I have a couple of questions I was hoping you could answer! First of all how did you add extra icons for positive behavior and behavior that needs work? Also, are your trading cards available? I think my students would love those!

    Thanks so much!

    1. If you goto your class and click settings in the top right hand corner then click edit class, then click behaviors at the top and you can add or delete or rename behaviors here. The trading cards are unavailable right now because the company Class Dojo wants their items on teachers pay teachers to be free. Thanks for inquiring.


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