Two Stars and A Wish Daily 5 Choice Cards

I am joining up with some other bloggers to share 2 star ideas and a wish.

STAR IDEA # 1 ...No NameTags... SAY WHAT?!  

Every year I used to buy the name tags with printed lines and I would neatly write my student's first and last names, then write their number on a colored circle sticker label, lick and stick them to every name tag, then laminate, and cut them all out, and it took tons of time and cost $. I started thinking the only reason I use name tags is so I know whose desk is whose. 

Name tags have always bothered me because kids pick at them, remove them, move them around on their desks, lose them, and when we clean our desks they are in the way.  No more name tags means I just write student's names on the desk with a Sharpie. Last year close to the end of the year when all name tags were on their last leg I took them off, sent them home, and wrote their names with Sharpie. At the end of the year kids just traced over them a few times with dry erase markers and we sprayed them with 409 and their desks looked brand new like nothing was ever on them. I actually just did my whole class for this next year and got done in less than 10 minutes!!:) (I will add colors and numbers to the rest of my student's desks when I get my final count of students after registration.) Time and $$$$ saved!!

 STAR IDEA #2  Daily 5 Choice Cards

I have 3 rounds of Daily 5 every day. I use two long mini pocket charts that have cards that day Round 1, 2, and 3 at the top. The pocket charts have clothes pins with each child's name written on them and they are spread out over the pocket chart into my groups. It is easy to switch my clothes pins throughout the year as my groups change. 

Every morning when I arrive at school I put my meet with teacher cards into the slots of the groups I will work with that day. (You could also do this the night before if you want.) When students arrive in the morning they put their cards into the the other 2 empty slots. If I am not working with a group of students for that day they will actually have 3 slots to fill. My student's must chose Read to Self everyday but they can chose which round they want to do it. This helps students get their mindset on what they will be doing during the reading block and students love that they have choice. 

While meeting with my Guided Reading Groups I can look at my pocket chart to see where student's should be working since it is right by my guided reading table. I use a plastic tub with little tubs inside to store my cards (got everything at the Dollar Tree and the big tub perfectly fits 6 little tubs) and it sits on the floor right under the pocket charts. 

To get the cards out of the chart I have a student remove them as their student job (They do this for 1 week at a time). They do this quietly while I am doing a read aloud to the class. It takes a few minutes and then they come back and join the group to listen to the story. They love this job and then I have empty charts to fill the next morning. I have done this for the past 3 years and it works wonderfully. Hopefully you enjoy this little tip of organizing Daily 5 Choice Cards. 

 I remade my choice cards and am offering them to you as a  freebie if you click here. There are different Teacher Choice Cards for both male and female teachers. We use ipads a lot for our Daily 5 choices but I also made the cards without the ipads so if you don't use tech in these areas the cards will work for you too. 

My Wish... Guided Math or Daily 3 Math

 I feel my Daily 5 rounds have been working so well for the last 3 years that my wish for this year is to work on something similar in Math. I am still tossing around ideas and hope to have something figured out in the next 2 weeks before school starts.

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  1. Oh wow, love the sharpie idea anita!! So much better than nametags getting all ugly and then me being too lazy to change them ...:)

  2. Star Tip #1 is great! It is always good to save time and money!

    Mr Elementary Math Blog

  3. I have been struggling to figure out how to manage my Daily 5 choices and you have the answer! Thank you so much. I am worried that some students will choose the same 2 choices every day. Do you have this problem, and if so, do you do anything to encourage them to hit all 5?


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