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Here's the Scoop...I am so excited to be teaming up with other Second Grade Teachers to share some must haves and exciting products that we love to use in our classrooms. 

The first and most important thing you need in the classroom is some sort of Behavior Management System.  I have tried many different ones but found that kids always like to earn things (points, tickets, etc.) to buy prizes. It can get rather expensive for teachers to buy tons of prizes so I created a mostly free prize system using Class Dojo. The prizes are things like: Go a day without shoes in class. Read a book to the class. (Of course they have to practice and they don't even realize they are learning for a prize.) The paid items are stickers, candy, and pencils which most teachers usually have anyway.  I use my booklets so that once a student buys a prize with points they cannot buy it again until their booklet is all used up. There are 2 different prize booklet sets and posters to match that you can hang on the wall so kids can see what they are trying to earn. 

Newly added are 45 different Class Dojo trading cards that students could earn in any way you decide. Go ahead and check my Class Dojo Set out at my store.

And now a FREE SCOOP for you...your own Class Dojo Trading Cards.
Click here to get your 9 FREE Dojo cards that aren't sold in the set. Enjoy!

My newest additions to my store are my iPad lessons.

 The one I will use to start the year is Selfie Snaps. It uses the Free apps Book Creator and iBooks. Students will follow a photo grid and take Selfies and make them into a digital book after writing a sentence to go with each Selfie. These lessons will teach students how to use a digital camera and how to put pictures and text into Book Creator. The lessons are videos that students use to follow along on their iPad while I instruct them what to do. All you do to prepare is download the apps and copy a photo grid and sentence sheet. I am so excited to start out the year with this as our first iPad lesson. My students are going to love it and hopefully yours will too.

 Click here to check out my Selfie Snaps iPad Lesson.

Another FREE SCOOP for you. Click here to get your free iPad lesson and make a mini poster with Animal Facts.


I am excited to use a brand new product with my students this year that I recently purchased. I love anything Jen Jones creates. This is going to be great to help build lots of discussion with my students. I have some English Second Language learners in class and I think this will really help them blossom. Click here to check out her product.

I hope you enjoyed hearing the "Scoops" today. My products will be on sale TODAY ONLY for 20 percent off. So go and snatch them up before they go back to normal price. 

Please be sure check out all the other teachers linking up and see what wonderful "Scoops" they are offering.

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  1. Thanks so much for the freebies. I have your DOJO pack and am excited to add some cards to it. I only have five ipads in my class, but I am looking forward to trying out this mini-lesson.


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