App Smashing Spooky Fun with a green screen and the book Creepy Carrots

Want to have some spooky fun for Halloween week that is not too spooky for younger students? 

Try App Smashing with 

to make a fun SCARY Book Trailer
First I read the book Creepy Carrots to my students. 
You could always show them our Scary Trailers and have them do some predicting of what they think will happen in the story before you read it.

There are four SCARY themed iMovie trailers hooked together here made by Second Grade Students using the apps Green Screen Do Ink and iMovie.

We used a trifold green science board for our green screen. It works really nicely and is much better than the fabric I have that seems to wrinkle easily. It also is easy to store since it fold up flat. (See photo at beginning of post.)

Check out this video for some Do Ink Green Screen App basics.

Next we made some Creepy Carrot puppets. 
I have patterns in a set here on TPT. It is on sale for $2.00 until Halloween.
You could just have your students create their own carrot puppets. 
Then we started filling out our story board sheets. I have the SCARY themed storyboard sheets in the set for purchase or you can get some FREE ones here. This is on the blog of Tony Vincent and he has some great tech help for teachers.

Last we started filming. I first opened iMovie and got it ready for the students by selecting the SCARY themed trailer. I entered the names of the group in the outline information tab. This is the first time we used this app in class this year so I walk students through it a little more carefully so they can do it on their own the next time without help.

After getting the iMovie app ready we went out of the app and used the camera on our iPad. We took a picture of one of the pages in the Creepy Carrots book and made sure to crop off the words. This is the picture we used as the background in the Do Ink Green Screen app. We then saved it to our camera roll.

Next we opened the Green Screen Do Ink app and loaded our picture. We filmed over the top of the picture right in the app. We filmed using our story board template about 3- 4 boxes at a time and then saved it to the camera roll. After filming the scenes we stopped and loaded them into iMovie. 

After we were all finished we shared the trailer with the class. They loved them!

Some helpful tips that worked for us. 
*This is the very first time we have worked with iMovie or Green Screen Do Ink apps this year.
*I worked with the students in small groups of 4 or 5 to make the trailers.
*I filmed some and students filmed some.
*Sometimes we decided there was a picture in the book we wanted to use for our scene and filmed it.
*We added clips in our camera roll that we filmed in Green Screen Do Ink app into the iMovie app
  and then stopped and watched them before we added more clips. We saved all our clips size large.
*It took about 3 days to get all our trailers finished.
*We worked for about 2-3 20 minute sessions with each group to get finished.
*We only worked during our reading and writing workshop times.
*This was a short week of school for us with only 3 days so this was a great activity since we didn't do a weekly reading or spelling test.
*We are 1:1 iPads in our classroom but we only used one iPad to do the trailers.

Can't wait to see what you create with these apps!  
Happy App Smashing Spooky Fun!!

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