Zombie Halloween Fun

My family just started watching The Walking Dead Series and I have to admit I am hooked. We started Season 2 and my daughter and I were just going to watch the first episode. We ended up watching the first 4 before we could stop. There are some kind of bloody parts that bother me a bit but all in all it is pretty addictive. It is not a kid show at all but kids seem to love zombies for some reason.

Well for all you other Zombie lovers out there I have been doing some fun zombie things this week and I wanted to share them with you. We started Stink and the Midnight Zombie walk the week in guided reading. I bought a great set of discussion questions from Second Grade Sweets to go with this book. My kids in the Stink Guided Reading Group are loving this book.

Here is a link to some other free fun to go with the book. Which includes these Zombie Jokes.

Check out this video on Zombie Snails

I am also doing some Close Reading Fact and Fiction passages with some other groups that are about Zombies too! Kids loved reading about Zombie Ants today and I have to admit I had never heard about them and learned some pretty cool things from the passage too. The passages are from this set from Rachel Lamb called Zombies Fact and Fiction Fun.

 Next week we are having an illustrator named Steve Harpster come to our school. I can't wait. If you haven't seen his website you have to check it out. He has lots of drawing videos you can do with your students. Click the tab Drawing Videos, then click any section you want. We had fun drawing monsters with letters today. Steve also has a Drawing Halloween Section too.  The zombie pages above can be printed in the Drawing and Activities Pages Tab. Hope you are enjoying this Halloween week and maybe you can have your students draw some cute monsters or zombies.


  1. I am new to teaching 2nd grade this year, but I am amazed at the things you do with your students & ipads. I would love to do more technology this year! I have not heard of this book but would love to do more with my kids with this next year. So if you used it with guided reading you must have several copies of the book? What level in guided reading would you say this is? I also love your imovie that you did with the carrot trailers. I will also have to check out this one for next year. Wondering what you have in store for Thanksgiving? Thanks for sharing & would love to know more. Jackie jmcmanam@w-sioux.k12.ia.us

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I'm so excited to hear you want to do more with technology this year. The level of the Book Stink and the Midnight Zombie Walk is 2.8. I have a set of 6 that I use with 2 of my higher guided reading groups. I love to get my books from Scholastic. Keep checking my blog to see what we will be doing for Thanksgiving.


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