Miami Device- Technology Conference Recap


I’m on a plane heading back home from Miami Device. A technology conference I attended in Miami, Florida. In the words of Mr. Slinger from the picture book Lily’s Purple Plastic Purse. All  I can say is “Wow”, that is about all I can say is “Wow!”. 

When I read about Miami Device conference on Twitter a few months ago I knew I wanted to go soooo bad. I just knew I had to get there, but how? With state budget cuts and no professional development money at our school my hopes began to fade. I figured it was a dream I would never be able to achieve. I continued to read tweets about a Go Fund Me account that would allow teachers to go for free. I knew I would have to pay my own way to fly there if I made it but was willing to do this if the rest could be paid. I went back and forth on submitting the video because of the fact that I would have to pay the rest and I knew it would be expensive. I decided I would submit the video and if I was picked then that would be my sign that I was suppose to go. 

Here is the video I submitted. I was chosen!! I remember the day I got the email and was SUPER DUPER excited. 

Miami Device was truly amazing and greatly exceeded any expectations that I had. The staff at Saint Stephen’s were so welcoming. Their campus is beyond words. The classrooms are top notch. The food was INCREDIBLE. (They say they eat like this pretty much all the time. So jealous!!!) Then there was the main reason for coming. The connections, the sessions, the new friends that were made, and SOOO much learning. 

I admit when it comes to technology I am pretty much a sponge. I was a little worried that I wouldn’t  learn anything new. When you are learning from some of the best tech people out there you are bound to learn new things. I learned tons. My head is swimming right now thinking about where to start. I always love to have my students create using technology to show what they know and to help them learn new things. I have so many new ideas for these projects now. Check out some of the blogs from the presenters of my sessions.

Tony Vincent Learning in Hand 
Lisa Johnson Tech Chef4u 
Wes Fryer
Braid Waid Two Guys and Some iPads
Erin Klein Kleinspiration
Janet Corder and Joan Gore 

Kevin Honeycut was an inspiration. He helped me remember we (teachers) are here for the kids to make learning fun, awesome, and incredible. We need to help them find their nitch. Encourage them to fight through “the blisters” (the things they struggle with) to become the best they can be. I want and hope to be that kind of teacher for my students. 

I want to thank Felix Jacomino for all his hard work, all the presenters for their wonderful sessions, and those who gave money to Go Fund Me so I could go. Compared to all the professional development I’ve done in the past this truly was an amazing conference and one of the best I’ve ever attended. I can’t wait to share with my teachers all the great things I learned. There will definitely be some blog posts to come on the things we create in my classroom.

I need to start saving for the next conference in 2016 and also think of a proposal to possibly be a presenter!!  

In the meantime Follow YOUR passion and help your students find theirs!!

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