Happy New Year Freebie

Hope you all are having a great, relaxing break.  I know I have enjoyed my extra time with family during this vacation. It's time for me to get back in the swing of things. 

Do you need something for your students to write some New Year's Goal or Resolutions? Check out my H"appy" New Year Freebie. It includes 4 cover choices for kids to chose from and color. It also includes 3 choices to write. You color the front square and cut it out. Then write goals on the next sheet and cut it out. Next staple the 2 pages together. It makes a great bulletin board display.

    It also includes these fun iPhone/iPod letters to cut out and make into a Title for your bulletin board.

I have been busy at work getting stuff ready for teaching Money to my students when I return back to school on Monday.
Hot off the press is my Money, Money, Money QR code riddles and more This is going to make a great digital workstation. My students are going to love this. 

 Every year since my kids were little we make fun and creative snowmen. Probably my most favorite thing about winter since I absolutely hate cold. These are some snowmen that we made last year. The tall skinny one is actually our Amish neighbor's snowman. I love that you can see the amish buggies in the background.

Since I love snowmen sooo much...I created this unit around a SNOW theme. It includes many photos of snowmen we have made over the years for students to compare and contrast. It includes student's making their own snowmen with Snowdough (white play dough). There is a compare and contrast activity using videos of snowmen that we made.  There is also compare and contrast with books and the unit ends using Jerry Pallota's Who Will Win Series books. My students love these. It is jammed packed with tons of ideas and lesson plans to use with Compare and Contrast.

When we return to school next week we will also be doing my Compare and Contrast Snow Themed Mini Unit My students loved this last year and I can't wait to do it again. 

To celebrate bringing in the new year I would like to give away each of these units to help you with your back to school planning. Please comment below what you love about Snowmen and I will chose 2 different people to win one of these units. 


  1. What I love about snowmen is watching children having fun making them in our schoolyard!

  2. Love that too. Thanks for the comment!!

  3. I love the creativity that you can use when building a snowman. & Bonding with family! :) primaryteacherhood@gmail.com

  4. Your snowmen have such personality! When my daughter was about 4, we built a huge snowmen in our backyard. Because we both wore glasses, we recycled some margarine tub lids into a pair of glasses for our snowman as well. Creativity can create great memories. wendywished4that@gmail.com

  5. In the south we don't see snow very often, however in the last few years we have had enough snow to actually play in it in February. This would be great addition for us to use in our classroom! mkramer33@yahoo.com


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