101 Day of School

When students arrived on 101 Day they made ears, a name on a dog bone for their dog collar, and then put dots on an old white t-shirt. Look at all those cute little doggies!!

We headed right to our computer lab to do some dalmatian research. I love this site part of Sparky.org. It includes Dalmatian facts and a couple other fun dalmatian activities like dalmatianizing animals. We spent about 35 minutes in the lab. I first let them get plenty of facts down on their paper then let them try the other activities.

We also used this fun site to make Dalmatian Doggie Dollars with our selfies. Each child made a 100 dollar bill and a 1 dollar bill right from the site. They took photos of themselves first, then uploaded them into the program, then downloaded them, and saved them in the camera roll. All this was done on an iPad. Then they put their money pictures onto a page in the Book Creator app, typed up a sentence, and then recorded themselves. They airdropped their page to me and I combined them into a class book on my iPad. Check out a video of our class book. Love the Book Creator app. (This activity is not included in the packet yet.)

All these and more activities are included in my 101 Dalmatian Activities Packet.

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