Techie Activities for February

Loving this full week of school with no delays or cancelations because we are getting so much done. Here are some techie things we have been up to this week. Working on understanding our vocabulary words with a page adapted from the book Word Nerds. This book has so many great ideas which help students to love learning vocabulary.

We took this page a bit further and made it digital using this website. You can make hearts with words up to 9 letters long. After students created two hearts on their iPads and saved them to their camera roll they were off to record using the free app Yak It Kids!

Check out this video to see some of their recordings.

Later this week and next we will play a vocabulary game called Dump the Sweethearts. We will also do some research on how the Sweethearts are made using this site. You can check out all these activities in Techie Sweethearts Fun.

We also explored character traits the last 2 day with my newest unit using the books Zombie in Love and Zombie in Love 2+1 The students loved making Mortimer, Mildred, and baby Sonny. Today students chose some character traits that they thought would describe Mortimer. To make it digital they took pictures of the Mortimer character they made. Then they took pictures of 5 character traits off of their paper. I took pictures of a couple pages of the book and airdropped them to all the students to use as their background. Students loaded all their pictures into Puppet Pals and recorded their traits as they were the character.

Check out this video sample made by one of my students.

Check out Zombie in Love Activities here.


  1. Oh, how cute is this!! I need to learn how to do all of the technology stuff. I did buy your Techie Sweetheart Fun! This looks like a lot of fun for your kids! Keep the technology ideas coming!
    Thanks, Jackie

  2. Thanks so much for purchasing. Hope your students enjoy it! Puppet pals is a really fun app too. There are tons of ways to use it. If you buy HD version you can make anything into a puppet and put anything in the background.


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