App Smashing with Leprechauns

Happy last day of March!  This month we had some fun doing some "App Smashing" with our green screen.

Every year around St. Patrick's day I always read my students this cutest book I got years ago.  The Luckiest Leprechaun. The story is told by the leprechaun and he ends up becoming friends with this pesky dog at end of the book. Students always love the book!!  In the past we have done "How to catch a Leprechaun" stories and then we drew little leprechauns pictures in a jar on paper. They always come out so cute.  This year after reading this post HERE from @digital road about how to use overlays with the Do Ink Green Screen App I knew it would be fun to make "How to catch Leprechaun" videos.  After reading the book I set out scrap paper and had kids make their own paper leprechaun, We followed the steps from the post and used our paper leprechauns to make the video. Students wrote their own scripts and practiced before filming. The best part was sharing their videos with the class. 

We are still finishing up videos because of all the snow days and delay days we had this month. Here are some we have gotten done so far. I love how they turned out!! Would love to see some of your ideas of how to use overlays in the classroom.

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