Ideas for Using Puppet Pals

It's Be Appy Monday time. My favorite time of the week. You can learn about some cool apps and link up with some of your own. Thanks Tech with Jen for making this fun linky.

Puppet Pals HD is a free app that has lots of possibilities. You can make any photo a character or background. This is just what makes this app so wonderful. We have used it over the years to do lots of different projects. 

Check out some of the creations my students have made over the years by watching the videos below.

Character Traits.

Reader's Theater with photos of themselves as narrators.

A Christmas Card Greeting.

Reading a book and writing an interview from it.

 A video I made with our class mascot.

Would love to see what your students create with this awesome app.


  1. These are awesome! You do some really great things with your students.

  2. LOOOOOVE!!! Super cute activity for character traits!
    The Techie Teacher

  3. Holy smokes this was such a cool post. I'm going to have to check these out next year with my new batch of 2nd graders!

    Annie Wilson

    Ride Away With Mrs. Ridgway


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