Legend App smashing for Vocabulary

It's "Be Appy" Monday time. I'm here on Spring Break in Indiana and we're having a snowstorm. At least 3 inches on the ground. YUCK!!

 I got the Legend App free a few weeks ago and knew right away I wanted the students to use it with their vocabulary words. Every week we use Quizlet (this links to my name amsgoodwin) to practice our vocabulary words for the week.  If you use Reading Wonders I have all the Second Grade vocabulary words for students to practice. My students have a QR code to scan each week to get to their quizlet to practice. They used Quizlet to help them get the definitions for their words. Some students had some pretty creative photos and videos they took of each other for some of their words. After students made the little short videos with the Legend App and saved them to their camera roll they put their videos together in imovie and added their voice and music. Check out some samples below.

I also have to share a funny, not so funny story about our weekly vocabulary words. 

We were sitting there quietly in class when we heard crash and this is what we saw. Our Lego Story Builder sets had crashed to the ground. I took a picture of the BIG MESS. :(   Luckily it was only 4 of the 8 sets that fell. This was definitely the not funny part because I knew we would spend so much time cleaning it up. I didn't get any pictures of the kids cleaning it up but we all took turns sorting out piles to put back in our sets. Some kids even volunteered to work through recess. Two of our vocabulary words for the week happened to be cooperate and patience. The students were so serious when they were working one said, "Mrs. Goodwin we have to cooperate to get these legos picked up." Then another student added "and we have to have a lot of patience." I think they definitely knew the meaning of those words that week!!


  1. Your students sound like a joy! I love when vocabulary work pays off with correct and timely usage. I'm off to check out the app - the videos turned out great!

    1. Thanks so much. Hope your students like it too.

  2. Oh my gosh...what a story!!! I would have had a heart attack. That is so sweet that some volunteered to use their recess time to clean up :)
    The Techie Teacher

  3. This looks great! Question about the app, I've only played around a bit with it but how do you make it so that it does more than one word in the same video? Did you use another app for that?

    Thanks so much for sharing!

  4. We used iMove to combine our videos!


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