Brown E's An April Fool Activity Freebie

Hope you all survived April Fool's day jokes yesterday. I had a fun day tricking my students. They had some tricks to play on me too. Like the girl who brought an Easter Egg and told me it was filled with M&M's. I told her I didn't want to open it because I was sure it wasn't filled with M&M's. It was filled with rocks and she quickly told me she was going to need that back. I'm guessing she had jokes to play on her friends at recess.

I got a brainy idea at the last minute on my way driving to school. What if I had student make a Brown E to take home to fool their parents.

Well I still did the joke to them too. I told them that if they worked hard today we would have Brownies for snack. When they came in from recess they had the Brown E's on their desk. They said why do we have these on our desks and of course I told them because we are having Brownies for snack. After all the confused looks I said Brown E's. April Fools. I quickly told them that we did have real brownies for snack because I wasn't that mean.  I also told them that we would be making these E's into Brown E's for their parents so they could say they made a Brownie at school for them today when they got home.

They loved it and had the cutest Brown E creations. I can't wait to hear if they were able to fool anyone. Click here to get this fun set FREE. Please give some feedback if you like it. Thanks so much!!

You can also get this cute FREEBIE Tray of Brown E's from Teaching in the Tongass. You can buy the tray in her Cooking Clip Art Set and the Brown E is in her Smiley Alphabet Set.

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