Dare to Dream Big TPT Seller Challenge

I'm a little late to the party so to say... had kind of a relaxing week.
My little store on TPT has been helping supplement my income for the past 4 years.

It has been a blessing many times when those unexpected bills arrive. 

It also allowed me to get a few extra things here and there for my myself, my family, and my classroom. 

It helps bring out my creativity in teaching and helps me strive to become a better teacher. 

It's made me a better teacher as I think thorough lessons I plan and create.

It has helped me connect with lots of cool people. 

My biggest goal right now is to help my daughter with her goal to graduate college debt free. She's heading there this fall and I'm super excited for her as she begins this new adventure.

I can't wait to see what the coming years bring with my little TPT store.

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  1. I love how TpT has helped us in so many ways! Even being able to afford an extra supply or two that completely changes our teaching :)

    Sparkling in Second


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