Ideas for Selfies in the Classroom

Why do we love selfies so much?  

1- They are pictures of ourselves and we love to see ourselves in pictures. Be Honest. I know there are times you wish you weren't in a photo if it is a bad one, but the "JOY" of selfies is you can delete the bad ones and take another.  

2- It's a great memory. You're making a memory of a memory just by taking the photo. I remember trying to get our whole family in a photo at a restaurant and we were having lots of trouble and then the waitress stopped and asked us if we wanted her to take a photo of us. We agreed to let her take one and after it was over my son said, "That wasn't as fun as the photo we were trying to do." It's fun trying to squeeze everyone in and then squeeze and take that "PERFECT" photo.

3- It's just plain fun. Acting silly with friends, family, or by yourself is just what makes taking selfies so entertaining.  It could be a photo of going to a movie. an ice cream run, shopping, Mother's Day, or enjoying the different seasons of the year. No matter what it is selfies will always be lots of fun.

So why not use selfies in the classroom? The camera is free and comes with every iPad.

I'm guest blogging today over at Who's Who and Who's New 

Head on over to get some ideas of how to use selfies in the classroom.

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  1. AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I run into so many teachers who want to hide the Camera app but it is perhaps one of the most important components to the iPad. Woo hoo for selfie projects! Thanks for sharing :)
    The Techie Teacher


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