It's Summer and Time to Stock Up

Do you have iPads in your classroom? Then this post is for you. One of my favorite things to do is have my students create lots of projects on their iPads. At the beginning of the school year it is slow moving as they need to learn lots of apps that we will be using throughout the year. Last summer I created some mini writing units that I could use in my classroom to teach my students how to use a few apps that we would be using throughout the year. They not only teach my students to use the app but help them with their writing as well.

A Few of My Favorite Things is one of the units. It includes 5 days of lesson plans, papers to print to go with the lessons, rubrics for self grading, and work station cards to go back and watch videos that you have already shown the class. This can be used for students who have trouble keeping up, students who need to watch things over, or a writing station for students to use on their own.

I played the videos for my students and they would follow along to learn what they needed to know about the app. Then they would work independently to create what the video demonstrated. I could stop the video and pause or replay it at any time.

The lessons are super simple and don't take lots of time to prepare. You just need to download the apps and get started right away.

 Here is a finished simple book that one of my students made at the beginning of Second Grade.

Here are some things teachers are saying about these lessons: 

*I'm always looking for new, creative ways to use iPads in my classroom and this is just great! I love the videos and qr codes. I love the rubric! I just love it all. :) Thanks!

*Looking forward to training my kids on Book Creator using this! Thanks so much.

*Super excited to use this will my kiddos!

*Awesome resource - very well thought out! This will be great and easy to use in my classroom!

*Will be using this with an iPad camp this summer. It is a perfect way to teach book creator and have fun!

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  1. Oh, I love this! One of my personal teaching goals this year is to integrate more technology and get my kids making products. Very cool!

  2. Would so love to win this! Thanks for the great giveaway!


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