Popsicle Comics Using Apps

I love the end of the year when students are so independent. We use our iPads a lot throughout the year and students can easily do things on their own by the end of the school year. They did these popsicle comics rather quickly with little instruction.

Check out this free app called

Ice Pop and Popsicle Maker I downloaded the app to their iPads and then let them play. After awhile of playing around they were given the assignment.

Some used the Halftone 2 App and others used the Comic Book App. Both apps make great comics and are paid. They were free at the time we got them so if you keep your eye out you may be able to get them free too. I have seen them go free more than once.

Halftone 2  costs $1.99

Comic Book $2.99

You can get many other great Popsicle Ideas included in my Dripsicle, Dropsicle Popsicle Unit.

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  1. I am so glad I am checking out your blog. I am finding tons of ideas I want to incorporate for next year with my classroom iPads. Thanks so much for sharing.



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