Dinosaur Research

My students love doing research on their iPads. I'm so fortunate to have access to Pebble Go. It's one of the best resources out there so that younger students can research on their own. It is a paid website that gives information in very simple text. It also includes a read to you option. There are many different options in each data base. For example Animals includes animals with fur, feathers, scales, etc. You can sign up for a free trial and check it out. Our school library uses Box Top money to buy it for our school. This summer Pebble Go added a new section on Dinosaurs. I'm super excited because my kids always love learning about dinosaurs and this will make it so easy for them to get information.

When you go to the website you can click on the word dinosaurs and the page comes up with the list of all the dinosaurs that are available. (It is the one shown above.) You can also click on any of the other sections to see what they have for your students to research.

I also have a free make your own fossil recipe available in my TPT store. 

We use these dinosaurs skeletons that can be found at Oriental Trading to make the fossils. Students stamp the dinosaurs feet or sides of the skeletons into the dough and then we let it dry overnight.

Hot off the press my newest iPad Dino Research Clip Art Set
It's only $3.00

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