Flipping for Fall Hop- Creepy Carrots Freebie

Welcome to the Flipping For Fall Blog Hop. I am hoping you are finding some fun freebies.   I absolutely love this time of year. The colors, smells, decorations... FALL is the best. 

I also love the CREEPY, SPOOKY fun of Halloween. Last year we made these fun spooky trailers to go with the book 
Creepy Carrots!!

Click here to read all about them. 

Creepy Carrot Verbs
If you haven't read the book Creepy Carrots you will absolutely love it. Jasper thinks the carrots are following him. He starts to see Creepy Carrots everywhere. It ends up that the carrots are tricking Jasper. You'll soon fall in love with the Creepy not so Creepy Carrots.

Lesson Introduction
You must first read the book to your students. Then the next day reread the book. Hand each student a verb card and have them listen for their verb to be read in the book. (You could collect the verb cards as they are read in the story or just have students keep the card until the end of the book.) After the story is done sort the verbs by the sound the -ed ending makes. Does it sound like -t, -d, or -ed. As you sort them have students record them on their own sheet. An answer key is included to check their work.

Photos of the Activity

Click here to download your freebie. This freebie activity is not CREEPY at all. 

Next step options... 

Check out some other fun activities in my Creepy Carrots Book Companion. I just added a Reader's Theater Script with printable characters to make into headbands or stick puppets when presenting the Reader's Theater.  It is on sale for the next few weeks.

Did you catch my mystery word?  If not, it is CREEPY.  Now it's time to hop to the next stop. Thanks for visiting today. 

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  1. Love, love, love the trailers! What a hoot! Thanks for sharing. (P.S. Max and I love Creepy Carrots, too!)

  2. I am so glad you chose this book and that you joined in at the last minute. Thank you so much for helping us out, and I'm glad to get to know you, Anita. Have a great fall, and hoping you'll stick around.


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