Teaching Common Nouns with iPads

*** Make sure to turn off Web Photo Access in iPad settings Before using Pic Kids App***

Day 1

We did this quick iPad project in 3 days (The time period each day is 30 minutes.) to help us learn about Common Nouns. The first day we watched Grammar Rock nouns on You Tube. I have the students use white boards and markers and write down as many different nouns as they can see and hear throughout the video. I show the video again and we try to record more nouns on our white boards than we did the first time. After watching the video we talk about Common Nouns that are people, places, and things. I then tell the students that everything in this classroom is a noun. I then give them the instructions for our project. They have 12 minutes to take 10 pictures of “THINGS” or Nouns in the classroom. They may only take a picture of one or two people for the project.  If they don't get 10 pictures done in the 12 minutes they will use the pictures they get done. If some students get done before the 10 minutes they can start loading and cropping their pictures onto their Pic Collage Kids project.


Day 2
Watch the Brain Pop nouns free video together as a class. (We have a paid subscription to this site which I highly recommend, but the nouns movie is always free.) After watching the movie we talk about the difference between common and proper nouns. Our project is common nouns so there may be no capital letters. Instead of a student’s name we would write the word girl. Instead of Mrs. Goodwin we would write the word teacher, etc. The words need to be spelled correctly so they must use their class dictionaries. If the word is not in the dictionary they try to spell it and then I work with them to write it the correct way.  They open their Pic Collage Kids app and select their 10 pictures. They load them onto their page, cut, and crop them. Then label them. Many kids used fonts with capital letters so they had to select a different one. 

Day 3
On the third day students catch up. Everyone who is not finished with the project finishes it. The ones who are done watch the video on their iPads and take the easy or hard quiz. My students do both quizzes. 

My students really liked making these noun projects. I really love how each on turned out so differently.

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