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I'm super excited to share the newest book in the Skippyjon Jones series. I love all Skippyjon Jones stories and this one is just the sweetest. I think what I love about these books is the imagination that Skippy uses to create his own adventure in every book.

My favorite thing about winter is building snowmen and this book starts out with the kittens playing in the snow. 

In Skippyjon Jones Snow What Mamma Kitty is making her little kittens hot cocoa and then she is going to read them one of their favorite books Snow White. Skippyjon doesn't like the kissing and all that jazz so he heads to his bedroom for a closet adventure where he meet those fun Chihuahuas. They fight dragons and try to unfreeze the frozen princess. In the end Skippy comes back to reality where he finds an ice cube stuck to his lips. 

You may want to watch this cute little trailer that the author uses to introduce her book. I even stopped when I got to this point in the book and played the trailer for my students to see.

Before reading the book I discuss with my students the story of Snow White. Many of the students know the story but for the few who are unfamiliar with it the discussion will help them understand the story of Skippyjon Jones much better. After the discussion I start reading the 
Skippyjon Jones Snow What book.

While reading the story to my students I stop and we have a discussion about the characters and setting. I then give them time to record these things on their retelling sheet. I stop reading ever so often and let them fill out their sheet. The next day we revisit the book and I read the Context Clue cards which are little excerpts from the book. Students use these to see if they can find out what the Spanish word means in English. You can talk about what clues in the text helped them figure out the Spanish words. Students love to learn the Spanish words and I usually always have kids with a Spanish background in my classroom so this activity makes them feel really special that other students are learning their language.

A fun extension we did with the story was a simple science experiment. We used water, salt, and lego people frozen in ice cubes to "free" the princess from the ice cube.  Directions and a recording sheet are also included in my freebie.

There are lots of freebies for the other Skippyjon Jones stories at the links below. 

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Use all the Skippjon Jones books to look for the answers. Some are found in the text, some in the pictures and some in the pictures and text. 

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  1. Thanks for all the great Skippyjon freebies. I love the science experiment!

  2. You know, I have a handful of Skippyjon books in my library that my students loved...or on CD at the listening center from Scholastic but I have to be honest and say I've never actually read one. This book looks adorable, I need to check them out myself.

    Literacy Spark


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