10 Simple Steps to Making a Class Book on Book Creator

For many years my students have enjoyed making class books. Now with the use of technology it happens even easier. Read the post to see how we used the Book Creator app to make a class book written in Haiku. You will need the Book Creator app, the book Dogku, some writing paper and pencils, and a variety bag of chocolates. 

Step 1: I read the book Dogku to my students and had them clap out some of the pages to see the 5,7,5 syllable pattern. We also talked about the difference between words and syllables. (If you haven't read this book it's a sweet story about a family that finds a stray dog and tries to decide if they should keep it or not. It is also great for making predictions as the class decides if the family will keep the dog. Each page is written in Haiku.)

Step 2: Then I picked a candy from the bowl and brainstormed with my students some nouns, verbs, and adjectives about the candy. (We just used a piece of writing paper under the document camera divided into 4 sections. The 4th section was for the Haiku.)

Step 3: Then I wrote a Haiku with the students about the candy. This is very important as we talk and clap through the process together. Here is what we wrote:

Nestle Crunch
I have some candy.
sweet, delicious, and crunchy
I tear the wrapper.

Step 4: Then I had the students partner up. Each student picked a candy. The candies could be different, they just pick one they like best.

Step 5: They had to take creative pictures of their candy. They could be in the pictures or it could just be the candy. We had a great variety of ideas.

Step 6: If they picked different candy they had to chose one to write about first. (The second candy comes in handy if they are fast workers. I had them make a second Haiku.) They brainstormed nouns, verbs, and adjectives on their paper about the candy. (We just used a piece of writing paper divided into 4 sections. The 4th section was for the Haiku.) They wrote their Haiku in the 4th section using some of the words they brainstormed. I circulated the room and helped the groups that were struggling. I was super surprised how well this worked as a partner activity. Haikus can be a struggle for my second graders but they did a great job writing Haikus with a partner. 

Step 7: The students typed up their page on the Book Creator app. I told them which shape of book to pick. To combine books you need to have everyone make the same shaped page. I picked a square shape and I also had them use the newer comic book section of the app so it would have layouts and cool background colors. They made one page for the book with their partner.

Step 8: After their page was done I checked for correct spelling and had them do fix ups. Then when it was corrected they airdropped their page to me. 

Step 9: I then combined the books on my teacher iPad. Here is a nice video link to combine the books. It is older but still easy to follow.

Step 10: Last I had them record their voice to the page they made. This is nice to do once all the pages are in order. I just call partners to me 2 at a time and have them record until it is finished.

After the project is done you can share it by exporting it to iBooks, as an ePub, or movie and then put on You Tube or wherever you share your class movies.

Here is the final product of our class book.

You may be wondering when we write these books. We make class books during writing time in class or Writer's Workshop. We do a variety of writing activities some with technology and some with paper pencil. This book took up about a week of our writing time to complete. (Our writing time is about 35 minutes every day.) Some student partners got 2 pages done during the week. Some students just got one page completed. This was not the only writing students worked on during the week. If they were finished then they would work on other writing activities that we had started. I worked with student groups that had a harder time to complete their Haikus and some student groups that were done quickly even helped other students. I hope this post helps you get some ideas to write your next class book with the Book Creator App.

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