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❤πŸ˜€Happy World Emoji Day. πŸ˜€❤
This post is filled with fun emoji ideas and a fabulous emoji surprise giveaway. 

😌 Emojis are everywhere... stores, food, jewelry, clothes, commercials and even in the classroom. There are probably many more places I'm missed. My students even got into the Emoji craze at the end of the school year and were getting lots of cute emojis in their Mc Donald's Happy Meals.

🐹 In a recent magazine in the mail I noticed Creative Teaching Press has some fun emoji classroom decor for the classroom. (in above photo)

I want to start out by sending you to a fun Guess the Children's Book using Emojis I think you will enjoy it. If you don't have time to check it out now be sure to bookmark it and come back later.

πŸ‘½ Have you seen the site Emojione.com ? It's packed full with all Emoji icons to use. You can even  install a Google Chrome extension app keyboard to put Emojis in all your typing!! πŸ‘ That's what I used to add emojis to this post. πŸ™€

So what can you do with Emojis in your classroom???  Students totally love having fun with Emojis.

πŸ“±Make an Emoji Pic Collage. I love using Pic Collage Kids in the classroom. It is FREE. (I always go to the settings and turn off allow web search so I don't get any inappropriate photos.) Pic Collage Kids has so many options. Projects from students are always amazing and so creative. 🎨

πŸ™‹First have students take a photo of themselves using the normal camera or twist it up a bit and use the iPad Photo Booth app, Snapchat, or MSQRD app to make a fun different face photo. πŸ™Š I like using the black and white filter so the colored EMOJIS pop on the page. Students make a collage and talk about it with friends. It's a great back to school get to know each other activity. 🐲 You could also have them type out or write out things to explain their collage to the class. Each emoji is added as text to the collage.

If you don't know much about this awesome FREE app Pic Collage Kids I will be demonstrating it tomorrow on TECH with Us a new group my tech friends started sharing all kinds of fun tech ideas. Send a join request if you are interested in checking it out. We started the group to share, collaborate, and learn more about using technology in the classroom with others. ⌨

Some other great Emoji resources for the classroom are from my blogging friend Erintegration. (also a member of TECH with US community) Check out all her Emoji items here for sale on her TPT shop. My students love doing her activities.

🐸 Last I created a Fun Emoji Writing Dice Set to use in the classroom especially for World Emoji Day. All you do is print and add dice. It could be used as a whole class writing activity where everyone writes about the same thing. Have all girls write about something and boys write about something else. 😜 Have 1/2 the class write about something the other 1/2 the class writes about something else.

❤πŸ˜€It also is a simple writing station. Print the prompts and writing paper and add a dice. Kids roll the dice and begin to write. It even comes with a simple grading rubric for students to grade themselves and teachers put their score on it too.πŸ‘Š

EMOJI WRITING DICE You can get it HERE for the next 2 days for only ONE DOLLAR. I would also like to give one away to one lucky winner. If you comment below what you like or maybe hate about Emojis I will select a winner later this week. πŸ˜πŸ˜

πŸ‘ Now head over to my Facebook page I Live 2 Learn I Love 2 Grow and sign up in the giveaway tab to win one of 6 fun Emoji surprises.  HINT HINT your students will love this prize!! It will be great to use in the classroom

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