Augmented Reality ABC App Ideas

AR Flashcards Animal Alphabet is a FREE app that includes animals for every letter of the alphabet. Use the app to learn your alphabet or take it to a whole new level and app smash with other apps to teach students of all ages. Students get so excited when they scan their card and their animal comes to life.

This app doesn't have to be about learning your ABC's especially if you teach older grades. Try using it in other creative ways and app smash with other apps. As you scan the animal there is photo option that comes up on your card and you can take a picture of your animal.  Use this photo in your app smash.

Here are 10 ideas to get your creative juices flowing...

1. Research your animal and record what you learned.
2. Make a little story about your animal.
3. Write a poem about your animal.
4. Think of verbs to describe your animals actions.
5. Make an ABC Book using all the animal photos writing sentences about each one.
6. Practice writing a paragraph that includes a little adventure about a couple of the animals.
7. Sort you animals according to science characteristics. Explain
8. Make up some math story problems about your animal.
9. Tell why your animal would be a great pet. Persuade your parents to let you get one.
10. Find out what your animal father, mother, and baby are called. Do this with other animals too.

Here is a sample (photo on left) of what we did with our animals in our second grade classroom. We made alliteration sentences for each animal photo.  The sample (photo on right) shows a fifth grade student's work. They went into even deeper details to explain simile, alliteration, idiom, and personification. We used Pic Collage Kids app to smash our projects. So download the app. Visit the site AR to print your flash cards and have some fun being creative with Augmented Reality and app smashing. You will notice in the sample projects that we used black and white printed cards.

(Note: They suggest printing your cards in color. I have had great success printing them in black and white too, as long as it is the original sent to the printer and not a copy.)

You can also check out AR Flashcards Space FREE where you could take pictures of the planets and app smash with planet research.

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  1. You are so creative! I love all of your ideas! Where do you come up with them? I have missed some of your Instagrams on things you do, but need to follow that a little more closely. Wish they stayed on the site longer. Where do you find time to do all of these fabulous ideas with your 2nd graders? Thanks for sharing...keep them coming!!! Jackie

  2. Thank you for your ideas. I read a lot about augmented reality for education Learning the alphabet with this app is a pleasure. Children must be delighted. They memorize the alphabet quickly? What would you advise for older children?

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