Digital Citizen Tips for the Elementary Classroom

Digital Learning Day is almost here and there's no better time to review Digital Citizenship. Keep reading to find FREE ideas to promote Digital Citizenship in your elementary classroom.

I always like to start a discussion with my classroom when introducing Digital Citizenship. I ask them what kinds of devices, games, and social media they are using at home that require access to the internet. I type a list on my computer that is projected on the wall for the students to see.

I am always surprised that even though I teach second grade my students are using all kind of social media like Snapchat, Twitter, Google Hangouts, Facebook, Instagram, and more. Lots of students also use YouTube, Netflix, and Google Searches. They usually mention many video game devices like Play Station, Wii, and Xbox and other networked games like Growtopia and Minecraft.

After we discuss all the types of digital devices and social media they are using we start to talk about using it safely. I love the freebie on Internet Safety from Brainpop Junior. It is especially appropriate for elementary students and always creates lots more great discussions.

I also recently came across another great free resource for Digital Citizenship. Common Sense Media. There are free posters to access here. Also another very age appropriate video for elementary students called Pause and Think Online

Be sure to download my Digital Citizen Brag Tag FREEBIE. You can print them off to give your students once they have learned all about how to be a good Digital Citizen. You can also check out all my iPad lessons here which would also be a great addition to your Digital Learning Day activities.

I hope you found some ideas to help you infuse digital citizenship into any online lessons. I've linked up with 5 other incredible technology-integrating educators from the Tech with Us Facebook Community to share more digital citizenship lessons and ideas in honor of Digital Learning Day on February 23rd. While the obvious goal of Digital Learning Day is to see digital learning find a place in schools all year long, it is also the perfect time to revisit digital citizenship a second time if you haven't yet this year.    

Click the links to learn more tips, ideas, and lessons for teaching digital citizenship on Digital Learning Day and beyond!

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