Apr 30, 2017

End of the Year Googly Eyes Project

The school year is quickly coming to an end and I'm super excited I found this googly eyes app to make a fun end of the year project. "Eye" am looking forward to summer or A Day at the Beach.

So download the Eyebomb it app and follow along with the step by step instructions below.

I chose to do the project in 4 steps and save the picture each time to reuse as the background image. It is because I used multiple pictures in the project. It is a lot to handle moving around if you have photos, eyes, speech bubbles, and text. It will be easier for younger students especially. If you are only going to use one or two photos you might be fine doing it all without saving multiple times.

Step 1. Find Photos for your project
I like to use the Free PNG website to get photos with the backgrounds erased because they are nice for layering and just make cool projects. I just search some summer type items on the site, like water, ice cream, umbrella, etc. You can also use your own photos that aren't .png files. Sometimes I even just find an airdrop photos to my students to save them time looking for photos. Make sure you save the photos you want to use in your camera roll. 

Open your eye bomb it app and follow along.

Step 2: Choose Background Style (horizontal or vertical) and Color 

Step 3: Add photos.
You will need to scroll to the bottom of the page to see the photos box that is on the Eyebomb It App.

Step 4: Add a Title to the Project.

When adding any text to this project you cannot fix it without typing it all over again. This is important to tell your students so they have things spelled correctly. They can delete it if it is wrong but then they have to retype it to add it again. There is no simple edit that I can find.

Step 5: Save the Photo to your Camera Roll.

Step 6: Load the Photos Back into the app.

Step 7: Add your googly eyes.

Step 8: Save the Photo to your Camera Roll.

Step 9: Load the Photos Back into the app.

Step 10: Change Speech Bubble Color

Step 11: Add Speech Bubbles

Step 12: Reload Photo and Add Text.

When adding text to your speech bubbles the smallest size font works best to get the size you want. You also need to remember to return after a few words so your text fits in the box. You cannot fix the text without retyping it all again.

Step 13: Save Your Finished Product


Creativity is endless with this app. You can make tons of cool projects.

*Use a topic of study such as space and planets and have your planets tell facts about themselves. *How about adding eyes to a book and doing a book summary.
*You could even add a project into the app Chatterpix and read and record what you wrote in the speech bubbles.

I can't wait to see what cool projects you come up with. Be sure to share.

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