Making Words with Pic Collage

Do you do making words with your students? You will want to check out this post to see how to do it digitally with the Pic Collage Kids app.

During my Guided Reading Group time I do a guided making words with my students. I follow the book Making Words by Patricia Cunningham and Dorothy Hall.  If you go to the link you can check out the pages inside the book. We have been using word cards for Making Words but now we like the ease of doing it on Pic Collage. It saves lots of time getting word cards out and putting them away.

The book Making Words is packed with tons of lessons to make words. Maybe your students need a boost or more practice with certain vowel patterns or blends. Making words is great for this. Each lesson has letters at the top of the page that you give to your students.  Students type and arrange the letters in the boxes on the background of their Pic Collage and then drag them to the bottom of their iPad to form the word with the teacher's directions.

An example of how this works is you would tell the students to type all the letters you need to make the big word that they will make at the end of the lesson. For example. If you have the word alligator. You would have your kids type a, a, i, o, g, l, l, r, t. The order is given to them with all vowels first in abc order, then all the consonants in abc order.

Then you give the students directions to make words. Use four letters and make the word tail. Change one letter and make the word rail.  The book has lots of words and a progression of how it works.  

After a word is made you can use the recording sheets and write the word you made onto your paper. Keep adding words until the lesson is over. (You can also use regular notebook paper for this too.)  If students are having trouble making a word have them stretch it slowly with their finger under the letters to see if it matches with the sounds they are saying. Once all the words on the list are made students need to use all the letters to make a big word. They can not shout out the word they have to make it and then they can share it with the group. This is a challenging and brain growing activity. It really makes them think and try lot of combinations to figure out the big word. 

Making Words is a very meaningful way to work on phonics skills in any guided reading lesson. My students learn so much from this. There is also a Making Big Words Book to make it more challenging for the older or better students who still need practice. 

Here are the templates so you can do your own digital Pic Collage Making Words 
Below is the video with step by step directions so that you can use your templates for making words on Pic Collage App.

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