No Name Tags on Desks

No NameTags... SAY WHAT?!  

Every year I used to buy the name tags with printed lines and I would neatly write my student's first and last names, then write their number on a colored circle sticker label, lick and stick them to every name tag, then laminate, and cut them all out, and it took tons of time and cost $. I started thinking the only reason I use name tags is so I know whose desk is whose. 

Name tags have always bothered me because kids pick at them, remove them, move them around on their desks, lose them, and when we clean our desks they are in the way.  No more name tags means I just write student's names on the desk with a Sharpie.  

I have been name tag FREE for 3 years now and I love it. I have to write them on about mid year again and if we give out desks a super good cleaning I write them on again but it is super fast and so much nicer than name tags. I will never go back to name tags again.

Time and $$$$ saved!!

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